Nirmal Kilambi

General Manager


Dr. Kilambi is a partner at Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates. In addition to having a thriving surgical and clinical practice, he is also the business partner, leading all efforts in strategic planning, clinic operations, financial decision analysis, and initiating negotiation efforts on multiple efforts and projects for the good of his partnership. He is a proven leader and is a solution oriented decision maker.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with his talented wife, Cherie, in Arkansas Biomechanics & Rehabilitation allows him to utilize his business experience to lead a team in their mutual passion for health, nutrition and overall wellness. Introduced to kettlebell training and mobility exercises by Cherie has been life changing for him. In this process, they both discussed and created a novel concept of fusing her knowledge and training with chiropractic care in offering what is now proudly Arkansas Biomechanics & Rehabilitation.

Dr. Kilambi has a vision to integrate his expertise in traditional allopathic medicine with chiropractic care. He wishes through collaborative efforts, education and training to bridge any gaps between the two and use Cherie’s expertise in functional movement, mobility exercises and strength training to give a patient with acute pain and injury a roadmap to care, prevention, and maintenance. Hopefully, this will decrease the number of revisits. As a science based trained MD, he recognizes the need to use evidence based methods, while also not dismissing non traditional methods with thousands of years of history such as massage and acupuncture in order to offer the patient the most optimal care in a more holistic approach to musculoskeletal health.