Degenerative Disc and Joint diseases can be very difficult for those who suffer from this condition, often affecting the ability to work, care for family, and take care of basic household tasks. The pain is most commonly caused by one of three issues: degeneration in the spine joints, thinning discs that put pressure on surrounding nerves, or spinal stenosis.

Dr. Gibson will discuss your past medical history and perform a thorough examination to help pinpoint the specific areas of concern. The exam may also include images or tests, such as X-Rays or the request of an MRI.

Proper chiropractic care for degenerative disc and joint disease is to improve the movement of the spine and to reduce inflammation, which is causing pain. Adjustments using spinal manipulation, whether by hand or with an instrument, will likely be performed to help relieve discomfort. You may also experience other therapies, such as traction therapy, trigger point release, manual stretching, or massage to assist in improving your symptoms and restoring quality of life.

Dr. Gibson may also recommend exercises to do both here in the clinic and at home to prevent further development of your degenerative disc disease.