Modern day children are presenting with new challenges to their postural development.

Over utilization of technology with improper posture is one of them. While utilizing technology, many are children seated indoors instead of being outside playing. This can negatively affect their development and result in unhealthy posture.

The impact of forward head posture is real. Know the symptoms associated with forward head posture.

  • Headache
  • Migraines
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Developmental Disorders

At Home Posture Check

Early detection is key for prevention of postural decline

An at-home posture check is a great way to see if your family has a predisposition to postural distortion patterns.

Be sure to check from front to back and side to side to see the whole posture pattern. This will provide you with the highest amount of accurate information.

What does ideal posture look like?

Proper posture from front to back –
  • The head is properly aligned. The ears are the same height on the right and left (the chin is pointed forward from the front).
  • The hips and shoulders are the same height from right to left.
  • Both feet are pointed forward.
Proper posture from side to side –
  • The ear is aligned over the shoulder and not pointed forward.
  • The shoulders are back and no rounded forward.
  • The ears are aligned over the shoulders. The shoulders are aligned over the hips. The hips are aligned over the ankles.
  • There is a normal curve of the spine, an “S” shape, not a “C” shape.
  • The hips are aligned with the shoulders and not positioned forward or tilted with an increased curve of the lower back.
Know the signs of unhealthy posture
  • Slouched forward posture while studying instead of sitting up straight
  • Sitting low in a chair with hips forward instead of sitting straight up
  • Head is flexed forward while looking at cell phone or ipad
  • Head and shoulders are forward while typing on a computer
  • While standing weight is shifted over one hip and leg


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