We carry a wide variety of supplements at ABR so we can help as many patients as we can with their individual health. But we know there can often be uncertainties around what supplements are and who can benefit from them in the first place.We can explain!

Supplements deliver nutrients to your body that you might not be getting in sufficient quantities elsewhere. For example, vitamin D is crucial for our bodies to grow a strong immune system and bones but many of us are deficient. This is because even though we get vitamin D from sunshine and certain foods like salmon or eggs, often it’s not enough, so we need a vitamin D supplement to step in!

Keep in mind, everyone is different and so are what supplements may work for you.

Here are some of our most commonly used supplements:

DSF Formula – DSF gives nutritional support to your adrenal glands which help regulate stress.

D3Plus – This is a combination of a vitamin D and vitamin K. Together they boost your immune system and keep your bones strong by helping us absorb calcium. Vitamin K directs the calcium to our bones and teeth and helps our blood clot.

Total Cort – Cort = cortisol which is our body’s stress hormone. If you struggle to sleep or have low energy this could give you some relief!

We choose Nutriwest products because they have shown commitment to providing all-natural, effective, and high quality supplements.

Schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Gibson if you want to know more! In addition, we have a full lab so that we can also test for deficiencies, such as your thyroid or iron.


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