Kids are like sponges, absorbing information from the world and people around them at an incredibly rapid rate. They are being taught how to interact, walk, talk, gain confidence, etc., and parents (or other significant adults) have a huge influence on that!

Just how families pass on tradition for generations, families pass on healthy (and sadly, unhealthy) habits. Here are some ways that we recommend instilling healthy habits in kids!

A healthy kids is an active kid!

Kids need several hours of activity every week to strengthen their muscles, bones, and hearts. Making physical activity a regular part of the family routine will solidify the importance of movement so your kid grows up strong!

  • Aerobic activity – Walking or running are great ways to get the heartbeat up! Maybe play a good game of freeze tag or go on a family walk after dinner.
  • Muscle strengthening – Find a nearby playground or rock climbing gym to explore. Yoga is also a good option!
  • Bone strengthening – Running and jumping help build strong bones!

Food is fuel for growing bodies

Kids learn eating habits from their parents/guardians! So if the adults are eating fast food 3= times a week, then that is teaching the kids to do the same.

Kids need substantial fuel to support their growing, learning, and developing bodies and too much sugar or too little protein can have a detrimental effect. Food services, such as HelloFresh, have easy, healthy options that can alleviate some stress of cooking, or, here is a list of easy no-prep recipes.

Posture is important ~even for kids~

Kids will even learn to mimic their parents or guardians walk! It may seem trivial, but if you are consistently hunched over your phone or slouching as you walk, chances are your kid will too, which can cause problems once they’re older. The number of adults that complain of back pain the older they get is tremendous. How many of them could have avoided that had they practiced better posture since they were a kid? (The answer is a lot).

Parents are teaching kids to one day function on their own in the world so it’s very important that they have the tools to live a healthy life! At ABR, we know the key to that is to move often, eat well, and take care of your spine.


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