We’ve all heard flexibility is important (we’re all a little jealous of those who can do the splits, right?) but what about mobility? Mobility is just as important as flexibility. Although they sound similar, they mean very different things. Flexibility is the ability of your muscles to stretch while mobility is the ability of your joints to move. They both work together to allow us to grow our strength and protect us from injuries.

In addition to this duo, we also need stability, the ability to maintain control over the muscles surrounding your joints through range of motion. If we don’t have stability, our other muscles must compensate.

These 3 factors are all intertwined, so you can’t excel at one without the other. A good example of this imbalance is in our hamstrings. A lot of us have tight hammies and struggle to touch our toes. This can be because of poor flexibility or it could be because we don’t have stability. If your muscles aren’t strong enough to stabilize your pelvis, it can come out of alignment and be tilted forward or backward. To prevent this, your hamstrings are recruited for the job! Now this means your hamstrings are tight and won’t have full mobility since they’re overactive (and you probably won’t be touching your toes).

Ultimately, stability, mobility, and flexibility are all crucial for your physical health. Stretching and strengthening your muscles will help you perform better during exercise, protect you from injuries, and relieve pain as a result of overactive muscles. It will also improve your posture!

Check out this link for exercises to help grow your mobility and ask Dr. Dupuy and Dr. Gibson about more tips the next time you come in!


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