Pop culture has had a fascination with butts for decades. From song lyrics to the Brazilian Butt Lift to Kim Kardashian, a big butt is considered a positive attribute! But it’s not just for aesthetics, it’s also for functionality.

Your glutes are the largest and most powerful muscles in you body! They allow you to stand on two feet, climb stairs, maintain good posture and so much more. But despite how big they are, they are often underused and ~ if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Americans sit a lot (especially during this pandemic when many of us are working from home 9-5 or have virtual classes). Sitting all day makes your hip flexors tight and overstretches your glutes causing them to stop activating optimally. If your glutes aren’t being activated regularly, the muscles in your back and lower body have to compensate. This leads to lower back, knee, and hip pain (no bueno).

Test your glutes!
– Lie on the ground, face up, with your knees bent and feet under your knees.
– Drive your heels into the ground and your hips toward the ceiling while focusing on squeezing your butt cheeks.
– After several seconds, you should feel a burn in your glutes if they are firing properly. If you feel nothing or your lower back or quads start to burn instead, it could be a sign you need to work on your glutes!

Exercises to work the glutes –
– Glute bridges (detailed above)
Step ups
*Don’t add heavy weight until your glutes are firing correctly.

Properly activated glutes are important so you can perform basic human functions, whether you’re an athlete or an accountant! Are yours firing correctly?

If you think they aren’t, come visit us and we’ll help you get them in shape!


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