Today, we are talking about mobility and its importance! Mobility, in the simplest explanation, is the ability to move your joints through full range of motion.

Having good mobility means you can:

  • Get on the ground to play with your kids
  • Move heavy furniture or luggage
  • Reach above your head to put dishes away in a tall cabinet
  • Etc.

    You can do all this without restriction! Good mobility is crucial to functioning optimally in your every day life.

How do we lose mobility?

As humans, we tend to sit a lot – at our jobs, on the couch relaxing, in our car, the list goes on! So when we’re stuck in that same seated position for extended periods of time, our body can become stiff.

To combat this, here is an awesome (and quick!) mobility routine that you can do before a workout, during a lunch break, or after a long car ride.

Thank you to Jason and Lauren Pak for these mobility moves and video! Visit their Instagram or Youtube page for more fitness tips.


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