Headaches affect nearly 90% of the population and can be very uncomfortable, sometimes leading to severe pain and nausea. The occasional headache may be very normal, but for patients who suffer from severe headaches, chiropractic care may be a great way to help alleviate the discomfort in a natural, hands-on and drug-free way.

Sometimes a headache may be a symptom of a larger health issue, but nearly 95% of all headaches are considered primary – where the headache is the main concern. Tension headaches are typically caused by muscle tension in the neck, often attributed to time spent in one fixed position (such as staring at a screen).

Here, Dr. Gibson offers spinal manipulation that will improve overall spine health and offer relief from tension headaches and migraines. He may also recommend nutritional and vitamin changes that may be helpful to reduce the occurrence and severity of headaches.

How to prevent headaches?

• Make sure you stretch often if you have a job or hobby that has you in one fixed position. Every 30 minutes is a good rule of thumb.

• Consider light exercise (avoid exercise if the headache is dull or throbbing)

• Don’t clench your teeth! This can cause TMJ pain and contribute further to a headache.

• Drink lots of water! Medical professional recommend at least 64 ounces of water per day.