What is an FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a tool used by many professionals to determine key movement indicators and help shed light on possible increased risk for injuries or reduced performance.

The test, performed in our clinic in under 20 minutes, consists of seven movement patterns which require stability and mobility. Patients receive a score based on their performance and the results help guide our clinicians in which treatments and strengthening exercises will be best.

The 7 movements include:

            •          Deep Squat

            •          Hurdle Step

            •          In-line Lunge

            •          Active Straight-Leg Raise

            •          Trunk Stability Push-up

            •          Rotary Stability

            •          Shoulder Mobility

This research-based tool is a valuable tool for patients of all ages and abilities. It is not designed for diagnosis associated with pain, rather as a screening tool to help reduce the risk of injuries and discomfort in the future. When utilized along with strength training, such as our kettlebell training with Cherie, the FMS can help pinpoint specific areas of concern and offer personalized training plans.